An Tuairisceán Deiridh; An T-amhrán adh – The Last Return, The silent song

last song 3


The Last Song of The Sagh’ic, The Silent Song, is anything but silent, it is a hard song to hear.

Many Traditions have a telling of an ending, a foretelling of what will or may come. For The Sagh’ic the stories always tell of the calling back together of all the Kindred to the Forest, a waking from the Dream of the First Man, Fear, and return to the stars to be with the Ancestors.

In all these stories of all these traditions is a sense of warning, so as to be ready, or a warning of prevention.

The Sagh’ic say, “We sang in the wind and the rain, and you did not hear us. We sang in the running of the wild beasts, and you did not hear us. We sent our blood and bone, and you ignored us. And then we sent the black crows to wake you up, you are not listening, so now the Raven comes to drag you from your sleep.”

The Last Song is both a warning of reliance on the fabric of the dream of Fear, and a choice of hope.

The Sagh’ic believe that nothing ends only changes; and it is change that we humans fear the most.

The Last Song is never written, it is always spoken.

An Tuairisceán Deiridh