Bhfuil Treibhe Na Ùranach; Tribal Bearing – Induction into the Tribe


tribal bearing 4


Many come as guests and friends to sit in the light and warmth of the Sagh’ic Tribal Hearth; they are a warming of hearts in themselves. And there are Teaghlaigh ag an Teallach; the family gathered the Hearth, who are the flames beyond the boundaries of the fireplace. They are of the blood and sit in acceptance and defence of all others that sit by this tribal fire.

Bhfuil Treibhe Na Ùranach or Tribal Bearing is the ceremonial process of those who take wish to be inducted formally into the Sagh’ic Clan and to be of one blood with the Community.

This ceremonial induction is one of taking warrior-hood and as such is a testing and proving of the warrior heart and breath. As within the Sagh’ic Warrior-hood is genderless, this induction and its rituals apply to men and women.

The 3 Moon ceremony takes the form of a quest for the wild heart of the warrior and the name of that heart, which is conferred as the tribal name.

It completes when the Uranach is brought in story and ritual to the community by the Sealgari (The Male Hunters) to the Cnuasaitheoirí (The Female Gatherers), who apply the final testing. Amidst song and dance they are welcomed with and by the ancient tongue, “In the Deep Dark Green, in the lands of Branòrd, Rùinidh, Lonn Lasail, Ceàrdach, Mórcoth, Bruail, Géibhis-glois, and The shores of Bhás, come walk with the kindred of the Sagh’ic.”