CaraVan Podcast


Cara from the word for “heart/love”
Van from the word ‘before or in front of us”

CaraVan the safe journey of companions, a journey way of community.


The Sagh’ic, along with many ancient animist traditions, comes from a nomadic way of life. In this each member of the tribal caravan has some responsibility to support and guide and assist the others in the shared journey. Alongside this were those stories or events and experiences that inspired the travellers, told and shared by every member of that company, in the nights when the caravan took rest.
Caravan is an informal podcast forum for sharing animist practice, exploration, in fact all that comes to us as people of spirit, whoever or whatever name is given to that ‘spirit’
We are all on that journey to some far off dream that calls us home. CaraVan is an opportunity to share practical and applicable strategies and wisdom, to share with each other on and for that journey.


CaraVan is a monthly podcast created by our community for our community. It is our voice for the Animist and Peoples of the Spirits Family.

The events, discussion and stories that are heard here are the reflection, views, and tales of personal experience and may not be the views of the Sagh’ic Tradition. Please hear them as a gift of the speaker to bring a possibility into our lives. We have listeners far and wide; it would be wonderful to hear from those listeners and their experiences in these broadcasts and we invite listeners to submit questions, stories and events to be shared. If you are moved to answer, comment, reflect on any piece in this show, or want to share your own, please send in your thoughts, questions, stories, experiences, reflections, and events to and put ‘CaraVan’ in the heading

We truly welcome and encourage submissions of stories, events, experiences, insights and wisdom to share with the community and bring a deeper understanding and relationship with all that we do as that community across the world.