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coming of the ggnae copy 2

“Once in a time lost to our dreaming, when Fear and Bearch no longer danced upon the hands of Maithar Tei, and the children of the children had spread their journeys to the eight lands of the Great Wheel, each tribe wandering within the cycles and seasons of their lands, each tribe gathering the spirits of their lands into their songs. Many a journey and many a saga wove the Great Song in many colours and many drifts.

In this time The Ancient Ones above sang their many coloured songs and the Old Ones below gathered the songs into the weavings of all the wanderers of all the kindred of the children of the children of the eight tribes. And between both, the Great song held the path of the turning of The Great Wheel.

And so the Wheel turned, and turned, season dancing after season, moon chasing after sun………..

……….The children of the children of the eight tribes looked at one another each with the gifts and wisdom they had received. They knew they must return to their lands and yet all agreed that in the great journey of the wheel, when they met in those far off wanderings they would share the gifts that they would learn to master.”

from The Gathering of Starlight

As with our ancestors, they travelled and met with many from many tribes. In common was the Great Song, that sand in as many ways. The Ancient Ones sang of sharing wisdom, knowledge and skill, without losing their tribal roots.The Society celebrates the spirit of community through our branches.