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The Society is founded on the principles of  holding sacred the community; this is a fundamental concept in Animism, in which all community is of equal and respective status.

The Society is a non profit organisation committed to pastoral and tending work in and for all the communities we find ourselves in and are called to serve.

Those who walk the Animist Path have by that walking taken on the responsibility of tending the Earth and all the children of that earth family as their community.

The Constitution of the Society states amongst its responsibilities;

  • To be a focus of the Universal Creator Spirit and Spirits, The Great Mystery and to ripple that compassionate energy, unity and healing outwards to the Sacred Earth, her children, to the Sacred Stars and the waiting Universe and to be a tending force for The Earth.
  • To stand firm and provide a focus as spiritual warriors of love in times of despair or suffering as well as joy and celebration and to be agents of tending The Earth and all Her Children.

As part of these responsibilities, the Society donates and supports various organisations who take on that tending.

And maybe once in awhile we should pause and breathe our soul songs into that care we have given over the past years.

At any given moment we are both the children who need tending and the parents who tend.

From all the Society Gatherings and events, some small residue of monies is often left.

From those monies the Society maintains its commitments to community Gatherings & Conferences.

Along with that the Society provides for:

And as ongoing….

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The Soup Tent – providing hot food etc for the homeless and those in need , once a month in Summer months and every other week in the winter months Square Donate Button


Moryscan0001 (3) - CopyShyamli Chauhan

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Sponsorship of our four children, Mory & Apolline in Mali, Shyamli in India and Prakash in Nepal through SOS Children’s Villages and the support of Bharatupur Village also in Nepal.
If you would like to help please donate here Square Donate Button

Continuing support of the Pataxo People and the Reforestation of the Atlantic Brazilian Rainforest and the demarcation of their ancient tribal land.

Supporting the Guarani Tribe in the reclamation and reforestation of their ancient tribal lands.

If you would like to be part of this community tending please donate here Square Donate Button


The Society also supports Star Temple Animal Rescue Home (STARC) which is part of JC Fundraising Mexico. This organisation is set up by Jaden Cornelious to care for, rescue and provide community neutering and spaying for abandoned street dogs in Mexico. Jaden says “This is a big thing to undertake but every day I see so many and then I look at my dogs who have a lovely home and cuddles and food and water and shelter and toys and chew sticks and these dogs are just abandoned on the streets without.”
Jaden is raising funds for ongoing care and to set up a Dog Rescue Shelter.
If you can help please donate here –  Untitled1DONATEUntitled2.



Providing food for the Lilwat Elders 2013 Christmas luncheon  

2012 Yule season we have given support by the provision of food stuffs for the St’at’imc people of Lillooet to support their 2012 Community Winter Gathering for members of that community to ensure adequate nourishment. The Society formed a bond with the St’at’imc through attending the ILG.


Collecting food donations from our Yule Celebrations and sending them to the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre DEWS, inEast Vancouver. This has now become ongoing with support and involvement. 

Through the 2013 ‘Returning to the Forest’ Conference a bond has been made with Terra Nossa Foundation and the Pataxo Tribe of the Atlantic Brazilian Rainforest, through supporting the reforestation project. 

This continued through the 2014 “Returning to 4 Legs’ Conference along with additional support to support the demarcation of tribal lands for the Guarani People.


Christmas 2014 we supplied turkeys and festive food for the Li’Wat Elder’s Christmas lunch

Over the past we have given support to:

Project Hands


Sacred HOOP

Artists for Justice & Peace in Haiti

Ubuntu Fund for the repair and reconstruction of the Ancestral Teacher house

Bursaries for the Bangalore Gatherings, and for the past SSP UK Conferences, the SCGM US & Canadian Conferences.

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