The Elders of  Sagh’ic-Tire Dhream are happy to offer guidance and support

We can also direct you to;

Spirit Practitioners
training & instruction
ceremonial needs; weddings etc
Ministers & Teachers

in the appropriate Communities


As a commitment to the  Sagh’ic’s policy on the role of “Witness”, whenever appropriate or when called too, the Sagh’ic will organize, arrange, and officiate at public ceremonies. Some of the rites we perform include:

  • Blessings
  • Drum Circles
  • Festival Ceremonies
  • Funerary Rites
  • Healing Circles
  • Handfastings & Weddings
  • Namebearing
  • Rites of Passage
  • Soul Ushering

We perform these ceremonies as prescribed by the rites of The Sagh’ic Tradition and, where applicable, in accordance with provincial, federal, and international law, as defined by the specific community

Please contact the appropriate community for further information about your specific ceremonial needs.


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All communications will be passed to all the Elders


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Sagh’ic-Tire Dhream; The Wolven Path is a lineage tradition it does not seek publicity, neither does it seek to recruit or proselytize or evangelise,
rather it is a calling to a return to living in the Forest where we can walk
in unity, harmony and kinship with all the children of the earth.

We are grateful for the all the spirits of creation present and manifest on this site