Déag Gealacha, 13 Moons of The Sagh’ic Ancient Wisdom

13 Moons copy 3

“…..In the long ago, which we remember in our hearts which holds the fire of the First One, Fear (fah), He that dreams and Bearch (barshay), She of the green, who live in the deep cave of Branòrd (brarnorth) find a young women standing in the opening of that cave. The woman is as white as the snows of Branòrd and the milk of Bó (boe) and seems to illuminate the darkness of the cave. She holds out her hands to the couple and they see that the cupped hands hold a single drop of shining water. She sings a song, a soft haunting song, a song older than the long ago. Bearch remembers the song of her mothers in the singing and Fear hears the song of his mother Bó caress his body as it did in time long gone by. Gealach (garlay), for that is the truth of this woman of white, tips her hands and the single drop of shining water, falls to the earth below. As the water hits the stone floor of the cave, it swells as a bubbling spring, then as trickling stream to fall from the mountain as a surging river, which is An Chéad Abhainn Na Gealach (un shard na avon na garlay). Gealach takes thirteen pebbles from her breast and casts them one by one into the river, all the while singing louder and louder, until her song is gathered by the waters and is carried by its torrent. Gealach takes a small green twig and offers it to both Fear and Bearch. As they reach for it she casts this also into the waters and it is carried with the song into the lands beyond. With this Gealach takes her form as the moon and rises up into the sky, her light turning the river into a shining thread of silver.

Fear and Bearch called by the song and the yearning for the green twig, gather only what they can carry; the bear skin, the salmon tail, the hawks heart, the thorn, the plum stone, the honey, the stone of the mountain struck by the lightning, a burning brand from the fire and some milk, and set themselves to follow the flowing river…..”

Gealach the Maiden Moon calls each person to follow her and discover the wonder of the world we dream as well as the secret magic that will free us from the shadowed dream, by calling, guiding and driving the Tribe to follow her journey across the sky.

The Celtic Tradition is one of cycle and reflection. The Sagh’ic (Wolven Way) Tradition is concerned with a more insightful and intuitive relationship with the observed universe and all aspects of that universe – animal, human, environmental, geographical, spiritual, psychological and imagined. By tuning into this relationship our lives become a more balanced and peaceful journey.

Our Ancestors lived in an interactive relationship with the world around them, be it forest, desert, mountain or sea. This relationship was one of intimacy with the heart beat of the environment as it spoke in song to the hearts of the Tribe.

With the ‘rush’ of western society, we have forgotten our ancient way of ceremony and ritual, which held us close and in balance with the natural world around us.

Undertaking the journey of the 13 Moons as a group we will learn about the nomadic Animist/Shamanic principles that hold this balance and the five levels of consciousness that open a deeper communicative relationship with the world around us – opening an awareness of the qualities of the five elemental energies that will focus and empower life, as it did to and with our ancestors.

The 13 Moons is an Animist/Shamanic Wisdom Course underpinned by the Sagh’ic Lunar Tradition. The aim of the course is to open and connect students to a deeper understanding of living in a Animist way and in relationship with the world around them. This course will not and cannot make anyone a Shamanic Practitioner or Shaman, it will though introduce students to Animist practice and skill. The course is intended for personal awareness, healing and becoming, and a return to a more ceremonial way of living of intimate relationship with the world in which we are integrally immersed.