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Riding The Reindeer


This is an invitation to an intimate relationship with The Reindeer of Ossan Gar.

Through Agairg; Thunder Agaric a relationship is engendered between our ancestral song and that of the song and flight of the Reindeer Spirit who sings in this sacred  fungus

They take hold and carry

In that carrying and holding we are lifted in the holy flight
Carried above our thoughts and fear, surrendering to be shown
This will be a day-long journey of riding with and by the ancestral spirit of the Forests and mountains to be taken held gathered and carried. In that carrying and holding we are lifted in the holy flight or intimate dreaming; Carried above our thoughts and fear, surrendering to be shown.

The weekend will be facilitated by Na Mùichan; the Dreamers of the Smoke and act as the pompus of the plant spirit sojourners.

Attendance is at the Na Mùichan’s discretion. There will be a light meal at the end of the ceremony

Seanachais – The Dreamweavers

The Seanachais were the storytellers of our Ancestral roots. Stories change the world – that is their magic. They were makers of great enchantment and fascination in the art of creating living worlds, that the listeners could be brought to, journey in, and experience. The Seanachais wove dreams. They created patchworks of lives that could be experienced through all senses.

Storytelling is an art of true magic, making the impossible possible and the improbable probable. To be Seanachais was to have a spirit connection with the breath, soul and song of the world so that that song could be sung to and reminded to those who could not hear.

This will be an experience to evoke and tune the inner storyteller to the song of the world, and open their awareness to bring the magic of the Traditional Stories alive.

Things to Bring: Light refreshments will be available, please bring lunch.
Bring comfortable clothing and a rug, blanket or shawl to wrap around you.
Please also bring a power object to have beside you when telling stories, and an object from Nature or that finds you to tell a story.

A certificate affirming Dreamweaver status will be given at the end of the weekend.

UntitledThe Craft of Grief

Summer leaves and winter comes
Romance is over but the photo is still on the table
Walk away from what’s left behind, yet are still burdened
When the life is gone, life still stays behind.

The soul longs for unity

The human heart longs for gathering
By these we are trapped, possessed of the other and by the other
We are haunted in our hearts by ghosts of longing.

For two days we will not just explore longing, we will immerse ourselves in its haunting, its seduction, its desire, its suffering.
We will find that longing and reshape it into an instrument of joy and guidance.
This is not a grief workshop; this is a joy and practical workshop.
We will consider;
Breaking bad news, preparing for death, tending the dying, grieving and resolution
Through application, role play, soulful prayer and ceremony, we will lift ourselves from the chains of attachment and put on the threads of connection.

This Workshop is part of a series, which includes;

The Relationship within breaking bad news – understanding what is happening to who when we have to deliver traumatic information and how best to manage, the situation, the feelings, the information, them and us!

Tea with Death; learning to talk about and having permission with death and trauma

IMG_4606.pngThe Ember Circle

The world struggles, We struggle

Without rest or pause a torrent of words and images on violence assails us
Violence to each other, to ourselves, to animals, to the environment
It seems that we are powerless against such a war beyond us

Sometimes we speak
Sometimes we hope
Sometimes we pray
Sometimes we take action
And sometimes we pass ourselves by and let be.

The Ember Circle is prayer in action,
A shared prayer for peace within ourselves,
A shared labyrinth walk to face our passing ourselves,
That our hearts can be warriors, who will bring an end to the war beyond us.

The Ember Circle is to be a seed of hope to be passed and shared, so another fire can be lit and another circle of embers created, until the circle of Embers connects as many warrior hearts as possible

dark & light arrows 3Arrows of Light & Dark; Soul Retreat

This ceremonial retreat is two powerful days of self enlightenment.

It will open closed eyes to the primal wounds of our souls and the pain that we have endured through those woundings;
It will enable us to bring healing to those wounds and to love ourselves for who we really are.
It is an initiation from the dark place of our psyche to the light of our compassion.
This is an intervention by the ancestral spirits that will change your picture of self and allow you to paint the picture that was meant to be. But commit yourself to your Self!

Bones of Fear copy


The Role of the Fire Walker
in Animist Sagh’ic Tradition


The Fire is the First Ancestor who came to change us and carry us home. The Sagh’ic honour the flame as a paternal spirit who carries us into a deeper relationship with the flames which reside in the hearths and forges of our hearts and the hearts of all who live upon this earth.
It is not that we walk on fire, it is that the fire carries the flames of our hearts.



Untitled1 Animist Healing; Pathfinder Apprenticeship

The Three Souls Animist Apprenticeship is an opening of heart and soul to the Great Song. An Apprenticeship to become an Initiated Lineage Tradition Ceann-Iuil; Pathfinder  of the Wolven Path.

This in-depth apprenticeship is rooted in North European ‘Celtic’ Animist Tradition; though it will address a variety of other cultural spirit and ‘shamanic’ traditions, it will be focussed and inherent of the Lineage Tradition of Sagh’ic Tire Dhream; The Kindred of the Wolf, its Cosmological stories, rituals, ceremonies and Ancestral Interventions and answering the call of the First Pathfinder of the Tradition to serve those who lost themselves in the Shadows beyond.

The training covers amongst much more:

Spirit Intervention, Personal Healing, Soul Resonance, Depossession, Curse & Sin Unbinding, Mythology & Oral Tradition of the Lineage, Alternative Life Healing, Ritual & Ceremony, Totemic Animal work, Vision Questing, Elemental Interaction, Spirit Healing, Drum & spirit healing tools (and their making), Practicums, running public groups, plus the Opportunity for Registered Ministry to officiate at such as weddings, naming-bearings, funerals etc.


twin souls


Twin Souls

From the first moment our souls have journeyed through time and space

Our souls contain all the knowledge of the Universe experiencing and learning from all manifestations of the human soul.

The Ancient Traditions speak of those lives when the twin souls of the divine female and divine male come together in one body to teach the community of the song of the Universe. These lives were the Sacred Imprint of the Divine into the community.

Twin Souls is a Spirit Experiential gathering for Gay Men & Women to explore and understand the divine union within them and to reclaim the destiny that calls to us.

dancing ghosts

Dancing with Ghosts

Ghosts are the memories of regret they haunt us, calling us through guilt and shame; this haunting keeps us in the shadows that conceal our path forwards.

This is an opportunity to dance with those ghosts and Ancestors, to complete the unfinished and end the finished facilitating the healing of spiritual & psychological trauma

Through working on the healing of Self, the World and all our kindred, our communities are healed in the process with the healing of one soul that will always ripple outwards to heal the same ghosts in others.

We will dance and we will sing and we will be one in the healing.


fetish 4


The sacrifice of The Fetish

‘‘I bind you and carry you, that have bound and carried me, let the flames free us both’’

Within us all are the fears and shadows of history, those done to and those done by. Guided by the spirits of nature and the dark places, a sacrificial victim comes to unburden us.

This intense and cathartic ceremony of construction and destruction provides the opportunity to be free from the bindings of history through the ancient animist ritual of the Fetish.


armour 1



Soul Armour

To put on armour is to protect ourselves from the assailment of the weapons of others.

We place the armour about our body to keep us from harm, a harm that we expect!

Over the years of our lives we are beset by the attacks of others that our fragile ego cannot always endure. It learns to protect itself from similar attacks in the future. It creates a shield over the heart when it is vulnerable to repeated breaking.

This will be an healing experience to have that armour removed and live life free from fear.

soul remebrance 1


Soul Rememberance

A song descends from the Ancestral Spirits that dwell in the stars. The Song is gathered in the hearts of we that live upon the earth. The song is our soul; A song to be sung out loud and heard by all the other singers that live upon the earth.

And yet for many reasons we forget the song – We lose the song; The song is stolen – The song is unheard and Our soul is lost. We gather to remember the soul that is forgotten so that our lives can be whole again

Using animist concepts we will understand the structure of the soul song and how to remember and replenish it and be available for the return of songs lost


snakes & Ladders



Snakes & Ladders

A 2 day retreat to enable a safe reflection on loss & grief, through an exploration of traditional stories and ceremonies, so as to understand and relate to their impact on the song of our souls.

A Community  Retreat to reflect on an Animist approach to Death, Loss & Bereavement, deepening an awareness of the Sagh’ic Tire Dhream Journey of Life & Death as a continuum. This Retreat will consider the traditional theories of coping with loss, whilst considering coping mechanisms, rituals and ceremonies from alternative traditions. Along with celebrating the rituals of the Shores of Bhás, The Solar Hunt and The First Fire.





spirit doll

Spirit Dolls

is to be an opportunity for children of all ages to experience the joy of Spirit community and to create a personal spirit helper.

The Wolven Path Tradition focuses on community & family. This workshop and culminating ceremony will call the children to be part of the spirit journey and remind adults that they are the same children.



Salvia spirit - Copy

Gathered by The Shepherdess; The ceremony of Seal Fathr

This an invitation to an intimate relationship with The Shepherdess – The Wise woman of the Sagh’ic; Seal Fathr, through Sage of the Diviners. This relationship is engendered between our ancestral song and that of the song of the Shepherdess Spirit who sings in this sacred herb.

She gathers and holds and in that gathering and holding we are safe to be vulnerable to ask or seek, though more often surrendering to be shown

This is a day long journey meeting the Shepherdess through four separate phased rituals held by the Dreamers team.


One with The Song; vibrational and expansive body & soul healing

The Great Song permeates creation, it is the same song in each and every being,

To be one with the song is to be one with all things; being one with all things we are medicine for all things

A weekend to understand and appreciate our quantum relationship with each other and the world about us, so that we realise.


Who is ME?

Using a variety of differing meditation practices and experiences, this workshop allows you to appreciate the inner voice and stillness and spend some time with your soul.