Feasts & Festivals

gathering - CopyThe lineage and history of the Tradition is lost in the mists of Passing Time, which is brought to re-animation through the Clan Egregore of the Ancestral Spirits, the Songs of the Time Before Time and the First Time. At the same time the words of these songs are related to the pathways that our nomadic ancestors took and the storytellers they met along that journey, in hearing those sagas they wove the words into their own stories.

It is an oral Tradition of saga and song. A retelling the journey of the lost Two Leggeds as they try to find their way back to Art-s-Wath, the Primal Forest.

It is an Animist Tradition of Shamanic Art called Pathfinding, not science; it is a Tradition of dreams not history.

As a nomadic tribe their Pathfinders observed the world about them learning from the ways of the creatures of the forest and learnt these ways in order that the community could survive.

Many tribes learnt from specific totem beasts; our Ancestral sojourners learnt from and mimicked the ancient walker of the forest; the wolf.

At it’s heart is the First Song, Mora-oa-Creon, The Great Song that permeates the whole of creation. It is song of the Fear Tintreach, Lightning and Seanamhair Cuan, the Ocean that brought the stars and earth into being through it’s singing, and how through the same song, the stars fell to earth to become the First Ancestors of the Art-s-Wath, Great Forest.

The Tribe in its journey through the seasons and the land celebrated the relationship between them and that land, and the spirits that walked with them through festivals that came out of the songs. Many of the festivals were governed by Gealach the Maiden Moon and the Totemic Beast Spirits. Alongside this the community celebrated their times of gathering together to work with the land; for our tribal ancestors the very act of living was a festival and sacred ceremony.

This Calendar tracks that ceremonial journey through today’s conventional solar calendar (hence having two moons indicated for May). Each Moon was governed by a particular Totemic Animal and defined specific tribal tasks and ceremonies to be undertaken in that moon’s passing. These ‘tasks were both the weave that held the community together and the means by which the community managed and survived its nomadic journeys.

Neo-sgàilich Gealach “Maiden Moon unveiled” – Full Moon Singing Women’s Community
Gealach Sgàileachd “Maiden Moon Veiled” – Dark of the Moon Men’s Community
Tri-Màtair Song of the Three Mothers, Ocean, Earth and Forest Home
Beast salving Honouring and blessing of animals
Turning Days Festivals of the completion and beginning of the paths of the Wheel of Seasons through the ancient tribal lands
Fèidil Chu Festival of the faithfulness of Chu the Dog Spirit
Epiphany of Bearch The coming of the first woman Rite of Spring
Caileag Caileag Maidens Day Rites of Passing for girls
Dadgra-Dear   Féilteachd Day of Testing and Challenges Women
Gearr-Gheal   Jumping Day of the Hare Spirit Spring fair/fools day
Comh-fhad-thràth an earraich Spring Equinox Women
Stone Casting Setting of home Councils
Maor-coille; Forest Keeping Honouring of Ancestral home
Féilteachd Seanair Cuan Ocean Rolling Honouring and blessing of the Sea
Striding the Giullan Boys Day Rites of Passing for boys
Binding of Doles Marking of Boundaries Honouring the Guardians of boundaries
Epona geall-réis Horse Spirit Day Racing and sports
Nights of… Eves of preparation before the Full Moons Vigil Rituals
Màthair-Ghuir; Day of Heartbeat Tending of hives & bees; Women’s Day
Grian-shamh-stad Day of the Sun Summer Solstice
Sluagh-ghairm Math Ireann Tathasg Ghost Mother of the Tribe Day Tribes Day
Seabhac Seilg Hawk Hunting Men’s Day
Summoning of Fear Tintreach Festival of The Lightning Men’s day
Miod Pilnyis Thogia Mead Day
Sallowain Willow day Women’s herb day
Gaoth Singing Wind Singing Day Story Telling
Comh-fhad-thràth an fhogharaidh Autumnal Equinox Men
Mear Dao-ean Féilteachd – Ghost Mother day Men
An Cailleach Soothing and Tending of Bone Mothers Women
The Four Great Fires November ceremonies of the Ancestral Dead Start of The Sagh’ic ‘year’
Gar`s Hunt The Hunt of the Solar Stag
Fear-lin Mac Tire Dormition Ceremony of the First Ceann-Iuil
Grian-ghamh-stad Gheol The Wild Hunt of Yule
Wassail Winter Feasting
Lá an Dreoilín Wren Hunting Children


smooring - Copy



Moon of Braddon-Fear The Salmon – Moon phase of Death – Moon Festival of the Ancestral Dead – Lunar Journey of Homecoming Fires – Tribal Name, Home Moon

1st Sinsear Féilteachd; An chéad Dóiteáin; Oíche na Oícheanta (Ancestors day; First Fire; Night of Nights)

2nd Tinne Cnámha; Oíche na Marbh (Bone Fire; Night of the Dead)

3rd Tinne na Ndeor; Oíche ag fáil Bháis (Fire of Tears; Night of the Dying)

4th Tinne Ag titim a chodladh (Fire of Dormition)

5th Oíche ag Luaithreach (Night of Ashes)

10th Fast Moot (Reindeer meet)

18th Casadh ar Branòrd (Turning of the Mountain)

21st Fiach de Gar (Gar’s Hunt)


yule - Copy (3)



Moon of Fao-lin The Wolf – Moon Phase of Darkness – Moon Festival , Ghéol; wild hunt of ghosts – Lunar Jourey, Placation of the Night – Tribal Name, Moon of Darkness, 2nd moon of Winter

5th Oíche ag Smooring

13th Fear-Lin titim a chodladh (Death of the Wolf)

16th Blainnteag da dìobartan (Lullabye of infants)

21st Grian-ghamh-stad Geol )The Wild Hunt of Ossan Gar)

25th Oíche ag Tuiread (Night of the Son)

24th Oidhche nan Calaigean (Night of Presents)

26th Lá an Dreoilín (Wren Hunting)


sacrifice - Copy (3)



Moon of Iolair The Eagle – Moon Phase of Exploding Frost – Moon Festival, Blessing of Animals – Lunar Journey of Great Moon – Tribal Name, Raven’s Watch



1st Trí Máithreacha (Three Mothers)

3rd Bran Féilteachd (Day of the Raven)

8th Ghoirt Sneachta (Snow Furrowing)

9th Saothraithe Ainmhithe (Beast Salving)

14th Oíche ag Breathnú (Night of Watching)

18th Casadh ar Rùinidh (Turning of Misty Lands)

27th Feidil Cü (Faithfulness of Cü)


Straif - Copy



Moon of Béist-Dhubh The Otter – Moon Phase of Sowers – Moon Festival, Rising of Bearch – Lunar Journey, Lactation of Ewes – Tribal name, Last moon of Winter/First Moon of Spring


2nd Epiphany of Bearch

5th Ceangailteach Gealag-làir (snowdrop binding)

13th Oíche Breithe (Night of Birth)

18th Casadh ar Lonn Lasail (turning of Plains)

26th Caileag Caileag (Maiden’s day)


dance of the Hare



Moon of Feannag The Crow – Moon Phase of Sprouting – Moon Festival, Dance of The Hare – Lunar Journey, Warriors Song – Tribal Name, Crazy Moon



3rd Dadgra-Dear Féilteachd (Day of Testing & Challenges)

5th Ceangailteach Fanaigse (Violet Binding)

12th Bonnagacvh Gearr-Gheol (Jumping of The Hare)

15th Oíche Comh-Dhannsadh (Night of Dancing)

18th Oidhche a mhonaidh (Night of Souming – marking and numbering of grazing rights))

22nd Comh-fhad-thràth an earraich (Spring Equinox)

27th Réitigh Cloch (Stone casting)


doles - Copy - Copy



Moon of Losgann The Frog – Moon Phase of Greening – Moon Festival, Binding of Trees – Lunar Journey, Greening of the boys – Tribal Name, Jumping Moon



1st Áth Féilteachd (Day of Fording)

4th Saileach Stiall (Willow Stripping)

8th Cosáin Ghearradh (Path Cutting)

14th Oíche Níocháin (Night of Washing)

14th Maor-coille; (Forest Keeping)

17th Lá Amhráin (Day of Songs)

18th Casadh ar Ceardach (Turning of the Marsh)

21st Màithar Tei Féilteachd (Day of the Earth Mother)

25th Féilteachd Seanamair Cuan (Ocean Rolling)

29th Gàmagach Giullan (Boys Day)


Bo dance



Moons of Bö and Muc, The Cow and The Sow – Moon Phases of Maiden and Mother – Moon Festivals of Dance of Cear-Lin and Wheying & Curding – Lunar Journeys of Birthing of Bö and Blossoming of Gealach – Tribal Names, Maiden and Mothers Moons



1st Teorainneacha Marcáil (Binding of Doles)

3rd Muc agus Féilteachd (Day of the Cow & Sow Mothers)

6th Foghairt de gealbhain (Sparrow Chasing)

10th Àis Níocháin (Milk Washing)

13th Oíche Saodachadh (Night of Driving)

18th Casadh ar Mórcoth (Turning of Ocean)

21st Bradán a Leanas (Salmon Following)

26th Rollta an Cáis (Cheese Rolling)


Fear asleep - Copy




Moon of Art The Bear – Moon Phase of Lovers – Moon Festival, Dancing the Wheel – Lunar Journey, Baying of Foxes – Tribal Name, Honey Moon




3rd Art Féilteachd (Day of Mother Bear)

11th Oíche ag Casadh timpeall (Night of Turning)

13th Màthair-Ghuir; Mil Féilteachd (Day of the bee and honey)

18th Casadh ar Bruail (Turning of Mire)

21st Grian-shamh-stad (Day of The Sun)

27th Sluagh-ghairm Math Ireann Tathasg Féilteachd (Tribal Day of the Ghost Mother)


hawk hunt - Copy



Moon of Epona The Horse – Moon Phase of Far Away – Moon Festival, Blood Fire – Lunar Journey, Hunt of The Hawk – Trbal Name, Grian’s Moon




4th Seabhac Seilg Féilteachd (Hawk Hunting Day)

7th Sedhe Fear Tintreach (Calling The Lightning; Blood Fire Day)

11th Oíche Ceangailteacha (Night of Binding)

13th Miod Pilnyis Thogia (Mead Day)

18th Casadh ar Géibhis-glois (Turning of the Green Valleys)

24th Epona geall-réis (Horse Spirit Day)


herding - Copy


Moon of Damh, The Stag – Moon Phase of Blood – Moon Festival, Placation of Mear dao-earn – Lunar Journey of The Hunter Blood – Tribal Name, Killing (Hunters) Moon.




3rd Damh Féilteachd (Day of The Stag)

5th Úlla ag Casadh (Apple Turning)

9th Oíche Íobairt (Night of Sacrifice)

11th Máthair Tei Buíochas (Thanking The Earth Mother)

14th Sùisteadh Figheadh (Threshing & Weaving Day)

20th Cuallachadh (Herding day)

26th Brù-dhearg Eunachadh (Robin Hunting)


back to the tree - Copy




Moon of Faol-chon The Falcon – Moon Phase of Harvest – Moon Festival of Harvest Gathering – Lunar Journey of Surrender – Tribal Name, Gathering Moon




2nd Sallowain (Willow day)

5th Cnónna coill a Bhailiú (Gathering of Hazelnuts)

7th Oíche Cuchair (Night of the Hunter)

12th Gaoth Seinn (Singing to the Winds)

15th Brón Féilteachd (Day of Sorrows)

18th Fós ina seasamh Yrggriddia (Standing Still day)

22nd Comh-fhad-thràth an fhogharaidh (Autumnal Equinox)

24th Oíche ag canadh leis na Réaltaí (Star Singing Night)


water offering - Copy (2)



Moon of Corr The Heron – Moon Phase of Farewell – Moon Festival of Wind Singing – Lunar Journey of Keening for the Dead – Tribal Name, Weeping Moon.




1st Mear Dao-ean Féilteachd – Ghost dancing

7th Oíche Caoineass (Night of Keening)

9th Saileadh (Salting)

13th Seanair Féilteachd (Elders day)

18th Casadh ar Bhàs (Turning of the Land of the Dead)

27th An Cailleach Seimheachadh (Soothing of the Bone Mother)

30th Comh-Chaoineadh Féilteachd (Day of Weeping)

31st Turas Baile; Aisling (Journey Home; Dreaming Day)