Ladh (lath) is a concept of sending out, an expedition, a sharing of song.

Sagh’ic  Animist  Society is formed under the guidance and directives of the Spirits, Ancestors and Ancient Ones of Sagh’ic Tire Dhream (kindred of the Wilden Dog Beast) its sacred sagas and in community with all Animist Traditions that hold the earth and all who call her home, in equal relationship.

The Society aims to reflect the spirit community of Animist & Spirit Practice and belief, and the unifying harmony between the Spirit and the Mundane, Heaven and Earth; and the inevitable living destiny of the journey therein. It is this ladh that we aspire to


To foster, support and advance the spirit and practice of Animism and our relationship to and with the Universal Creator, The Great Mystery, Tei, The Ancestral and The Ancient Ones, manifesting this revelation to all who call this Earth, Mother & Home.


So that those who have studied together in kindred or spirit, may continue to have community and to acknowledge themselves as a part of the worldwide and universal kinship of Animism thus providing a forum of expression for the sharing of spiritual revelation, practice, experience and mutual support among members, as well as fostering a sense of global community and commitment and to be that mirror that reflects the worldwide community of Animism & Spirit Practice .


To provide continuing opportunity for Animist study, learning and teaching.


To be a visible light for others of the Animism and to be Sacred Witness to the spirit of Animism and to provide the performance of spiritual rites by its ‘clergy’, such as presiding over marriages, in accord with both the sagas of Sagh’ic Tire Dhream and the constitution of the Society, and the laws & regulations of the appropriate Countries, States & Provinces in which they are called to.


To be a focus of the Universal Creator Spirit and Spirits, The Great Mystery and to ripple that compassionate energy, unity and healing outwards to the Sacred Earth, her children, to the Sacred Stars and the waiting Universe and to be a tending force for The Earth.


To stand firm and provide a focus as spiritual warriors of love in times of despair or suffering as well as joy and celebration


To provide learning and teaching for those called to Animism & the Way of the Spirit and guidance for this Sacred Earth and her children both now and to the generations to come.


To provide a framework for practitioners of Animist  Craft & Practice, which can be aspired to, referenced by, and grown from.