Ceann-Iuil; Pathfinders are the trained and initiated practitioners of the Sagh’ic Tradition.

They are the walkers of Avon Gorm, the Blue River and dancers between the dreams (worlds and time) and are the designated agents of healing (gatherers of wholeness) and collaborators of the Ancestral and Mundane spirits.


IMG_0461 2 copy John-Luke Edwards 

He believes that the issues in our lives that betray our destiny fall out of our fear of divine loneliness that manifests in a dysfunctional relationship with ourselves. This relationship yearns for completion and becomes reflected in all our external relationships. It is his approach to be a catalyst in the transformation and emergence of truth in his clients’ relationship with themselves and Spirit. Services include spirit intervention and interaction, spiritual guidance & healing, Three Souls – Three Year Animist Apprenticeship into the Wolven Path Lineage Tradition one to one, on-line teaching, guidance and spiritual direction and is a licensed Animist Minister/Aoghair.


Beatrice SimmonsBéatrice Simmons

In a Swiss mountain valley she is working in partnership with the spirits and the power of the land. She is listening how finding our own inner stillness and true essence of light will allow us to reconnect with the origin of creativity in respect of all the teaching of life. She is learning every day how we can transform our life with love, respect and gratefulness. She has completed the “Teacher Training” and “Medicine for the Earth” with Sandra Ingerman which is very much inspiring her work. She is a member of the SSP and the SCGMS. She is offering her Shaman services to accompany individuals as well as teaching in groups alongside her fragrant consultations and creations.


Jeff StocktonJeff Stockton

A Spirit practitioner in the Celtic tradition, his studies and training in shamanism began in 1996 on the strings of the Celtic harp, and inform and nourish his work in the wider world. In his shamanic work in ceremony, retreat, workshop, and work with individuals, he has a particular passion for the power of song and story in the strengthening of the human spirit.

In addition to his work in the Spirit realm, Jeff weaves song and story on the strings of the harp in performance and recorded works. He is an Initiated Ceann-Iuil:Pathfinder and Elder of the Sagh’ic Tradition and a director of the Society. He practices out of Alberta, Canada.


rob murphyRob Murphy

is an initiated Ceann-Iul of the Sagh’ic Tire Dhream and is a Director of the Society. He is an ordinand Elder of the tradition  He has also been initiated as a yatchak into the Quichuan Path of Light tradition in by Don Esteban Tamayo in Ecuador and a ‘shaman’ in the Green Path Medicine tradition of shamanism taught by the late Brazilian shaman, Ipupiara and his wife Claicha, a yatchak in the Peruvian Quechua tradition. Rob was also initiated into the Brazilian shamanic tradition of the Makunaiman (one who makes others dreams come true). Rob facilitates trips to learn from indigenous elders in South America. As a graduate of Dr Linda Backman’s Past Life Soul Regression and Between Life Soul Regression programs, he regularly uses the power of regression therapy as an integral part of his healing practice.

Water Blessing day_2049Joe Abbott

is an initiated Ceann-lui of the Sagh’ic tradition tasked with finding the Song of the Lost warrior with in us. He was born in Philadelphia and has lived all over the USA and has traveled extensively throughout the Mediterranean, Venezuela, Mexico and Europe during his Naval Service as a Hospital corpsman as well as BC, and eastern Canada. He has seen the needs of the people throughout his home country and the need for Spirit intervention, with in the communities where he has lived. He has worked with Military Veterans, first responders and people who have experienced Trauma due to domestic violence, Natural Disasters etc. He graduated from Cabrini College with a degree in Medical sciences and is a registered Medical Technologist. The years of working night shift in Hospital Trauma centers, as well as nursing at Naval Regional Medical center Oakland Ca. Has led him to personally understand the need for treatment of PTSD, and the Stigmas and fears of those individuals. He has had a connection to the Ancestral Spirits of the land and nature since childhood and currently resides in Westport WA. Between the ocean and mountains.
Joseph is also an Aoghair Minister with the Society.

Christine Colling

Tad Seymour

received_10156647159653217 copyDonni Henderson



img_20180505_180500Dana Janeckova