Sacrifice in Service


Residential Retreat

Fireflies Ashram, Dinnepalya, Bangalore, India
Saturday 29th June – Friday 5th July 2019
Training Intensive – Tuesday 25th June – Sunday 30th June 2019

We are lonely – We are hungry – We are beggars for home

Without knowing it we sit downcast on the highways and byways of life’s journey with the begging bowls of our hearts held out, longing and yearning for some passer by to drop the merest crumb, any morsel that will nourish and nurture our famine.

Service comes from an old terminology meaning “to feed’.

To give someone something to eat, to feed someone, is an intimate sharing ritual of giving part of yourself in some way to become part of the other.

To feed someone is to show that you care, to revive and refresh the other, to work from inside to make one stronger, to make them well, to take away the pain of hunger, of emptiness.feeding-2.jpegTrouble is that everyone is begging, and the few ones that have the crumb are terrified to give it up. And yet deep in the fire of our hearts, we make that sacrifice to reach out and give that morsel of our heart to another.

IMG-20181231-WA0012 2In every act of service, feeding, there is a sacrifice.

This first Bangalore Gathering at FireFlies Ashram is a journey of service to ourselves and outwards to others, that our hearts will be an offering to the those that are hungry and in that we ourselves will be fed.


Beatrice Simmons


Beatrice lives in a Swiss mountain valley where she works in partnership with the spirits and the power of the land. She listens to find inner stillness and true essence of light that will allow us to reconnect with the origin of creativity in respect of all the teaching of life. Béatrice has been taught for many years in the Sufi spirit and tradition. Her real heart home she found in the otherworld of the ancestral spirits. She offers her Spiritual services, the Alchemy of fragrances and sound as well as the F.M. AlexanderTechnique to accompany individuals as well as teaching in groups. She offers her services in different countries and is a member of the Sagh’ic Animist Society. She has completed the ‘Teacher Training’ and ‘Medicine for the Earth’ with Sandra Ingerman. She is an initiated Ceann-Iul of the Sagh’ic Tire Dhream and an ordained Elder and Teacher of the Tradition. She is also a licensed Aoghair (Minister) and holds the marks of the Guardianship of Water and Wind and The Harvesters. Beatrice will be offering, Dissolve into Love”

“Dissolve into Love and you will know when it calls. Respond.” Rumi

The story tells that the plaintive lament of Seanamhair Cuan, the Grandmother of the Ocean, who was above as she was below, reaches into the dark blue of eternity. Tei, the One Above moved by her song sends Fear Tintreach the Lightning into the Darkness, a rich dark infinite field of potential, from where Mother Earth is born. Some might say that with the plaintive lament and deep yearning in the First Song of Grandmother Ocean to share her Love the Lightning emerges from within herself or consider that Lightning and Ocean are a reciprocation of the cosmos, forever in a back and forth cycling.  We might say a back and forth cycle of Darkness and Light.
In our journey into the innermost depth of Grandmother Ocean, we will find in every tone of her Song and Breath a sparkle of Light, a sparkle of potential, and we will hear the One Song of Creation deep within our own inner temple, our own inner sanctuary.  As we connect with Mother Earth and all her elements she gave us when she answered the Song of the Stars we will find the same potential and sparkle of Light within ourselves and everything, and we will hear a whisper of the Ancient Ones: “come back, come back….” We will find our inner sacrifice needed to clear the clouds of forgetfulness around us to become a clear mirror and reflection.  We will see our radiant Light shining on the Path as radiant as the full Moon to remind us that we are all connected and never alone. In our hands we will hold the gifts of burning candles lit by the Stars we will share. We will gently remind each other in the Light of the flames that we are the Song and the Light,  that we are in Love with everything, that we are the beacon of Light and the reflection at the same time for each other.

“Let the Waters settle and you will see the Moon and the Stars mirrored in your being” Rumi

Dr. John-Luke Edwards

HJP_8551 copy 2.jpg

John-Luke is Presidor of the Sagh’ic Animist Society, and called by Ancestral Spirits to awaken the sleepers caught in the dreams of the world to the ancestral home. John-Luke is a Reverend Ceann-iuil and Elder Seannair of Sagh’ic Tire Dhream and sits on the Ordination Gyre and the Council of the Tradition. He is a licensed Aoghair (Minister) of the Society, as well as Signatory for the Ministry Denomination. He has a private Spirit Intervention practice and runs a series of workshops, teaching sessions, on-line training and interactive groups. He also organises workshops for men to hunt their hearts as well as facilitating the celebration of the ancient rituals of the Tradition. John-Luke, supported by gracious wisdom of others will lead us through the ‘Ritual of the Fetish; a sacrifice for love’,

‘‘I bind you and carry you, that have bound and carried me, let the flames free us both’’

Within us all are the fears and shadows of history those done to and those done by.
Guided by the spirits of nature, a willing and loving sacrificial victim comes to unburden us. This intense and cathartic ceremony of construction and destruction provides the opportunity to be free from the bindings of history.

And with the Fire Guardians, he will lead the Fire Ceremony, which brings us into harmony with the fire that resides in our hearts and the hearts of each other.



Pankhuri Agrawal, Diya Naidu, Dipankar Panth and Elina Wisung, collectively known as ‘Gearnuiga’, will be the first group of Indian Apprentices to be Initiated as Ceann-Iuil; Pathfinders of the Sagh’ic Animist Tradition. They will be presenting the Evening Ceremony “Weaving with the elements – a journey of self within the world.” in which we are invited to work with the elements, and bring into physical form, their message to us in the moment, through art, though dance, through colour, song and movement, fragrance, taste and space, weaving together, being their sacred threads to create and share a part of the sacred tapestry of creation with each other and the land. We will feel the power of surrender and support, and learn about the sacrifice a thread makes in the holy weave it creates and is created by, a sacrifice that helps it become more than just a thread, but a beautiful infinite tapestry of love.

“There are no binaries within animism though that’s the problem. There is no self and the other. There is no self and the world. It’s all one.
Every thread is made up of strands, every strand more fibres, and every fibre more so, until there is only nothing… we are all tapestries made of the magic stuff of nothingness.”

Linda Harper & Karen Thies

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Linda & Karen will be celebrating the Evening Ceremony “Song of the Rain”, with songs, drums, dance, guided journey and group interaction. Join Karen and Linda as they tell the tale of a beloved Sagh’ic Saga.  With guided journeys, music, song and beautiful prose, Karen and Linda will guide you to find your Song.  All of the Sagh’ic Sagas are timeless and always relevant to the here and now.  The story of the “Song of the Rain” has it all: drama, fires, storms, hero Gods and tricksters.  Most of all, it is a call for us to open our hearts to a new beautiful song and to send it out into the world.


The Gathering is a full 5 day/6 evening residential retreat,

Saturday 29th June (Tea) –  Friday (Breakfast) July 5th

Which begins with the Initiation Ceremony of the Gearnuiga Apprentices and culminates in a community Fire Ceremony.

Each day;

  • will begin with Morning Meditation to welcome the day, followed by breakfast
  • followed by The Ritual of the Fetish; a sacrifice of love, with a break for tea
  • after lunch will be a Spirit teaching by one the teachers
  • after tea will be an evening ceremony
  • after dinner will be an evening meditation ceremony



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Retreat & Gathering
Training Integration
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Training Integration  
4 day/5 evening Tuesday 25th June (lunch) – Sunday 30th June (breakfast)

Preceding the Retreat is a 4 day training intensive for Sagh’ic Students, led by Beatrice & John-Luke, in which students will deepen and integrate their appreciation, understanding and skills of Sagh’ic Animist Healing Ceremony. Participants can attend and move directly into the Retreat.

Training Intensive & Integration Programme

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