The Singing and The Dancing

In the time before time
Before the Children walked in the Forest
Máthair Tei looked from her watery cradle on the Great Ocean and saw the Stars above
They shone bright in the dark of the sky’s vault
Reflected in the shifting waters above and below
She longed to be with them and for them to be with her.
And she sang a song
A lament of love to the Stars.
So powerful is this song it takes root, rising from the Mother’s heart as The Great Tree Yrgriddia
The Stars so moved by this calling
Chose to come and live with Máthair Tei
And yet they knew that they could not leave the sky
Each in turn sings a refrain to Máthair Tei
And this song is carried through the Great Tree by Enuthair, the Sparrow Spirit
This is the Great Star Fall, Teir Rionard
As the Star Songs fall they become the wind in the branches of the Great Tree
Máthair Tei hears these songs and her elemental beings create vessels for each song, each breath of wind.
These vessels are designed as a refrain by the Elemental Spirits to the songs.

calling the stars 2In this way the song of the stars, the wind, the breath, the soul comes into all that live upon the Earth.

This singing is an eternal song, the same song the Ocean sang for the Lightning, the same song Bearch will sing for Fear; it is the Great Song of the Universe, Mora-oa-Creon.

In each of us is the song, it is our breath and soul; it enters the river of our blood and this blood brings us to dance our lives and destiny.

Though this singing Sagh’ic-Tire Dhream holds that all are our Ancestors, from the Primal Ocean to our parents, those of our bloodlines, those of our milk lines (all who have shared wisdom), and all of our Shadow lines (all our past existences).

In the Dance of the Wheel of Seasons, Ancestors and Descendants chase each other through the cosmic journey.

That dance is manifested in the rituals, ceremonies, gatherings, dances, songs of the People of the Wolf; Sagh’ic-Tire Dhream.