Wisdom Teaching


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In those long forgotten times, The Old Ones sing the song when the Scaine na Gead touched the ground in a cascading of fire and The Ggnáe stood, taller than any tree with feathers of lights upon the heads and their staffs of singing in their hands, in the centre of the world and sang to all the children of all the children.

They sang of An Tional Na Reul (Un teeo nay nu rehool) when the giants of the stars came in a gathering of starlight to sing with all the children of the children. In that singing, so beautiful we cannot remember but in our secret hearts, The Ggnáe sang of the magic of the plants, the weaving of the yarns, the brewing of the ale, the gathering of the iron, the planting of seeds and on and on, there were so many songs that not all the children of the children could hold them all; some held these and some held those.

Between the two moons of Bearch, The Ggnáe sang and danced with all the children of all the children of all the eight tribes and the beasts and the birds and the fishes; upon the mountains and plains, in the forests and valleys, by the waters sill and flowing, until the sky grew dark and starless and the great singing of the rushing wind thundered in the falling fire. The Ggnáe with their feathers of lights upon their heads and their staffs of singing in their hands wept a great farewell to the children of the children of the eight tribes. In a great thunder the Scaine na Gead gathered up the Ggnáe and they were swept up into the starless sky.


The Tribal Elders and Old speak of wisdom not as a instruction, rather as a bathing in the song of the starlight, which holds all that the heart should know. They believed that everyone had the same memories of that star song and in the descent through the great tree the souls focussed on that part of the song that they would live in the world.

It was the role of the Elders, as it was descended from the Ggnáe, to remind the young souls of the forgotten songs.

We live in a supposedly different time and the songs of survival and sharing, the songs of ceremony and spirit oneness, the songs of tending and medicine seem to be just out of our reach until another comes and gives and shows it to us.

For the Sagh’ic, wisdom is a remembering of the love between star and earth, brain and heart; learning is being nurtured to remember, practice and share that love.